A GodEquips Review
Category: Bible Study/Genesis
Title: Genesis, “What were we put in the world to do?”
Author: Tim Keller
Format: Downloadable PDF
Length: 23 Lessons
Depth: basic
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Review of a study of By Tim Keller


This Bible study does an excellent job of equipping the group and specifically the leader to not miss the richness of the book of Genesis. The participant guide introductions and the leader guide point toward the most salient issues and encourage us, as modern people, not to get sidetracked by our questions. This study urges us to let the text speak first and then thoughtfully apply the lessons to our lives.

Keller structures each section with questions that are good for discussion and that are aimed at the bigger themes of Genesis. While the participant guide is good the resource material in the leader guide would be essential in order to take advantage of the richness that is offered in this study in five significant ways.

• The leader guide offers thoughtful discussion through the topics in the passage encouraging us to think a bit deeper and to more fully grasp the text at hand.

• The guide offers consistent Scriptural cross-references enabling us to allow Scripture to interpret Scripture.

• The guide is clear in addressing the major theological doctrines that arise in the text including central doctrines of the Reformed tradition such as God’s sovereignty and justification by faith.

• The guide draws on an array of the saints who have gone before us so that we can hear from the larger church.

• The guide does a great job in comparing a Biblical worldview to the variety of worldviews in our culture. This is a very helpful comparison, both reaffirming what Scripture teaches and clarifying these other views.
The only knock on this study is that it is not comprehensive. It does not cover the entire book of Genesis, but does offer 23 studies (ending in Genesis 28) that cover the most dominant themes and a thoughtfulness that would a blessing to Christians at every level of maturity. This study’s faithfulness to the text, Reformed perspective, and thoughtful questions not only feeds, but prompts a continued appetite for further study of the work of God. We strongly recommend this study.

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