Galatians: A Life Change Bible Study

Approach: This LifeChange study of Galatians by The Navigators is indeed a study of the Bible; that is, it guides us in the following sequence: First we observe: What does the passage say? Then we interpret: What does the passage mean? Lastly we apply: How does this truth affect my life?

This approach is the most faithful approach to Bible study. After all, God’s Word is more important than ours. Only after we have understood the plain meaning of what God has said can we actively apply His truths to our life.

To reverse the order—to ask first what we think about the text—is to place our words first. In doing so we lose the power and beauty of God’s inspired Word. Moreover, a faithful study of the Bible follows the interpretative principle that “Scripture interprets Scripture.” This study of Galatians follows a faithful methodology.

Content: The Galatians had come to Christ by faith—powerless to win God’s favor apart from His saving mercy. But certain people were saying, “In order to keep His favor, you have to maintain His standards by your own efforts.” To safeguard the essence of the Gospel, the Apostle Paul reaffirms that we can only live right with God by faith in Him, and His empowering presence in us. So states the main theme of.

Paul, as this study reflects, wants to keep the Galatians focused on Jesus Christ alone as the way of salvation.

This study provides concise, but effective, background information. It gives a summary of the types of letters Paul wrote, and how Galatians is both similar and different from his norm.

Terms such as “the Judaizers” is explained in order to assist us in correctly understanding Paul’s concerns and the ones who are trying—albeit sincerely—to lead the Galatians away from “Christ alone.”

Historical introductory paragraphs help us understand who the Galatians were ethnically, culturally, and religiously.

As with other LifeChange studies from NavPress, a glossary is built into each lesson to assist the reader to understand the passages. Also, optional “study skills” are taught to deepen our experience with the text and, therefore, with the author of the text: God Himself. Helpful charts are provided to give us an overview of the entire letter.

This basic-level study is excellent for all faith levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced). It’s outstanding for new believers, for those who haven’t begun to study the Bible seriously, and for seasoned disciples who love to revisit the foundations of the faith.